Understanding how natural, utility, and cash resources are consumed through operations provides information that can create opportunities. Understanding the relationship between those resources can be difficult to sometime think through and properly strategize. To improve overall operating and system efficiency, it's important to work with a partner that has experience in the matter.

Quantitative analysis creates solutions that work. Our first step while working with clients is to produce a working model of existing utility consumption and performance, which enables us to identifying a formula to efficiency. Through thorough review of facility equipment, process applications, and utility invoices, EMCo helps establish and implement strategies that improve overall operating efficiency and fiscal performance.



Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) is a long term program that allows property owners to benefit from efficiency upgrades at the front end of construction design. By implementing advanced system designs at the construction phase of a project, and bundling the cost of upgrades into new construction costs, the project cost amortization coupled with utility savings significantly reduces overall cost of owning and operating a facility.

Energy Performance Contracting has short-term payback with long-term rewards that are factored throughout the life of the facility. The improved facility design adds equity value to the property and the benefits of improved efficiency and performance add value to the property's end users. Energy Performance Contracting is a system that must be considered by any property owner for any new facility being developed, and EMCo will help guide the way.



To assist with the acquisition of hardware, systems improvements and/or installation services EMCo can help procure the funds needed to push a project forward. We work directly with banks, municipal agencies, and investment groups to ensure that capital requirements don't stand in the way of capital progress. Third party financing payment terms depend on the size, and scope of the project, while usually delivering positive cash flow on day-1.

Also available through EMCo are Power Purchase Arrangements. PPAs provide facilities, large and small, the benefits of discounted power by contracting for on-site power generation. Producing power on site lowers energy costs and improves overall power utilization and efficiency. For existing facilities that want to lower their energy bills, PPAs have never been easier. EMCo designs, builds and commissions systems that meet energy demand through a blend of technologies. EMCo then coordinates with a third party that agrees to sell 100% of the available power generated at a discount from current pricing with long-term rate guarantees to the facility making the transition from grid supply to local supply seamless.



There is a wide variety of savings plans designed to benefit today's businesses. The trend towards clean technologies is ever growing, and the support for businesses to implement proven systems is stronger than before. Though your organization may not have a grant application in the works with the Federal Government, fear not. Local utility companies have brought the savings to the marketplace through special rebates and financing incentives.

Incentives vary depending on the selected technology or design, which can sometimes cover 100% of the cost. With fixed dollar amounts that are readily applicable towards equipment purchases and installation costs, it can be difficult to manage incentives. Additionally, certain upgrades provide better reward than others, making the selection process even more challenging.

As an added value to our customers, EMCo offers program assistance to help select which cost savings programs offer the most benefit and our program managers can provide the service to help your organization redeem them. Through strategy, design, and teamwork, EMCo will protect your business and investment every step of the way. Talk to our design team to learn more.



EMCo is a full service shop, providing designs, turnkey solutions and implementation services. Once the facility or system is running, EMCo can also help maintain top level performance of any of our systems or equipment with maintenance and service programs.

Our service team has the best knowledge of the systems we provide, and regular scheduled maintenance will help systems perform better across the life of the equipment. Maintenance programs offered by EMCo address all factory recommendations and top level inspection services to preserve the performance of equipment.

Service & Repair work is yet another service EMCo offers to clients, whether equipment is old or new, whether it is under warranty or not, or whether the equipment was provided by us or someone else. Our service team provides factory trained technical experience, making certain that all facility equipment is running at full capacity with little to no down time. All service work is guaranteed for the life of the equipment and we work directly with the manufacturers to handle any warranty related issues.

Property management can count on EMCo to provide systems that work and solutions that make a difference. From top to bottom, EMCo is here to help keep organizations running smooth.